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Dos And Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing That Should Matter To Your Brand

For an average user, social media is about posting OOTDs and food pictures or scrolling and tapping away endlessly. But for a business, social media is an essential tool that often drives their entire digital marketing campaign.

With 4.70 billion people using social media globally, businesses must take their social media marketing strategy more seriously. When done right, it can help attract more traffic and potential customers to your website; however, with the slightest misstep, you could end up causing almost irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation.

Here are some dos and don’ts brands can keep in mind to stay on track.

DO: Keep Your Social Media Profiles Updated

Your social media profile is often your business’s first impression on potential customers. Needless to say, you want this to be a great impression. If your profile isn’t updated or has incomplete information, it would make you appear unprofessional. Moreover, you'll likely lose clients without the proper contact information or links to your website or other socials.

So, take the time to make your social media profiles welcoming and informative.

Don't: Be Unprofessional

There are many ways you could end up being unprofessional on social media, and you need to avoid all of those. Brands often try to be more casual to add a human touch to their social media interactions. While bringing some personality to your social media profiles is important, you can’t go overboard with it.

Also, if you have any personal opinions you’d like to share—we’d advise you don’t. You need to keep your business and personal social media profiles strictly separate.

Do: Engage and Interact with Your Followers

Of course, staying professional doesn’t mean you can’t engage with your followers—they absolutely need to feel there is an actual person and not just bots behind your social media profile.

You can use different kinds of content to interact with the audience, and you can like and respond to their comments too! Be friendly and avoid being salesy!

Don't: Be Inconsistent but Don’t Spam, Either

This is something a lot of businesses can’t see to get right. They either post too much, or they don’t post at all. As a result, their social media presence and activity are highly inconsistent, and their profile looks unprofessional and sloppy.

So, if you want to make the most of social media algorithms, you have to post often and regularly, but it’s also important to create content worth posting o that you’re not just posting for the sake of it.

DO: Post and Share Carefully

With social media marketing, it can take just one viral post for your business to blow up—in a good or bad way. This is why you have to be careful about what you post and share—it has to be in line with your business, its objectives, values, and within the domains of what’s socially acceptable and trending.

Needless to say, many businesses fail to market effectively on social media, which can result in huge costs for your business. If you’d like, we can help you out. At Bluepig, we offer social media marketing services in San Francisco as well as other marketing solutions.

Reach out to us to learn more.

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