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5 Web Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span stands at a mere 8 seconds—that’s how long a person will stay on a website before moving on to the next one unless a specific element on the webpage catches their attention.

Moreover, the web design is more than just about the visuals; it should be responsive and functional because about 42 percent of website visitors simply leave because the website is hard to navigate.

Poor web design is often why some websites have a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rates. Both of which you don’t want your clients complaining about. This is essentially what makes website design and development services so popular. We offer the services here at Bluepig, but we also have some simple web design tips you could use.

Don’t Try to Fill in The White Space

Many web designers obsess over the white spaces and try to find elements to fill them when the truth is that most users don’t even notice the blank spaces. The white space helps to highlight the important information on the webpage and keeps it looking crisp and clear. This helps the user pause and analyze before deciding on their next action.

Pay Attention to Navigation

Web design isn’t just about making a website look aesthetic; it’s mainly about navigation, which is why it’s surprising that most websites have a navigation design that feels like an afterthought.

Ideally, your website visitors should always know where exactly they are on the website and where they’re supposed to go next—that’s how smooth the navigation should be.

Use Social Proof to Build Credibility

It’s important to understand that the internet has over 1.6 billion websites—some aren’t active, while others look shady. You don’t want your website to fall in either of those categories, and you want it to look credible and genuine.

This is where social proof comes in. It can make people feel like they’re taking less risk when buying a product or service from you. So made sure to add genuine-looking testimonials, logos of popular clients, and other kinds of social proof.

Use Faces to Trigger Empathy

The people visiting your website are humans, so it’s essential to think from their perspective. Faces can help trigger empathy and helps people create positive connections with your products and services.

This is why you need to incorporate faces into your web design—but try not to use stock photos but real ones that represent your brand accurately.

Optimize The Design For Mobile Users

More than 90 percent of global internet users use the internet on their phones, meaning mobiles are where you get most of the web traffic. So, if your web design isn’t optimized for mobile users, you’ll lose many website visitors very quickly.

Ideally, your website should have a mobile-friendly layout with clear CTA buttons to provide a seamless experience for mobile users.

As we mentioned earlier, getting web design right isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why our web design and development services are worth looking into. As a digital marketing agency in San Francisco, we also offer marketing services for our clients.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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